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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered here please feel free to contact us or pose a question on one of our community networks.

What Do I need to Do to Sign Up for Telix™ Services?
Simply click on the link “.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)” fill out the email with your contact information along with an overview of your requirements or call us at 800.399.6311.

Are There Any Hidden Contracts?
There are no hidden contracts. This is a month to month service. Annual contracts are available at a discounted rate.

What Type of Digital Phone Service does Telix™ offer?
Telix™ only offers premium grade digital phone lines so our customers can have the highest quality communication experience possible. Telix™ focuses on communications with no limits to ensure you will always have the highest available quality of service.

What is Hosted PBX?
A Virtually Managed Phone System for small, medium and enterprise sized business

Many businesses use traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems to manage inbound and outbound call traffic, voicemail and all of the functions associated with a business telephone system.

  • Revolutionary (see 26 Features)
  • The world of digital telephony changes the model that we are used to when we think of traditional phone systems and PBX. In the traditional world, you are vendor specific which means you have access to the functions and hardware they provide at their price plan.

    PBX systems no longer needs to be located on site - in most cases they can be located in remote data centers (hosted by Telix™) allowing for redundancy, protection in power / internet failures and a significantly reduced cost of operation.

    Can I keep my existing phone number with Telix™ service?
    In most cases you are able to transfer your current phone number to our services.
    How long does it take for my number to transfer?
    On average, the transfer process takes approximately 10 to 15 business days to complete. The process is solely dependent upon your current telephone companies process and how long it takes them to release the number.

    Will I still be listed in the phonebook?
    If you choose to transfer your existing number to our services, when we submit your number transfer request, we retain the current directory listing by default. Whatever your previous listing was, will remain with our services. 

Customers signing up with new numbers assigned by Telix™ are not listed or published by default. However, you may submit a ticket to our Directory Listing requesting that your number be listed and/or published.

    Is there any extra cost for 3 way calling?
    There are no extra fees on any 3-way calls made within Canada and the United States.

    What are International Calls?
    International calls are calls made to a location outside of the United States and Canada. For example, if you live in Ottawa, Ontario and call your brother who lives in France, it would be an international call.

 International calls are billed on one second intervals.
    Does my plan include calls to Hawaii and Alaska?
    NO, all calls to Hawaii and Alaska are not considered part of your Domestic Long Distance calling area.

    Is there difference between making a Local Call and a North America Long Distance Call?
    No. All calls that are made within the U.S and Canada are covered under your service plan. This does not apply for international phone calls.